A new edition of “Image of Power”, our monitor of presidential approval in Latam

In this new edition of our report ¨Image of Power¨ we continue analyzing the situation of the region’s presidents on September and October.

At first, Mexico is preparing for the 2024 presidential elections and all projections favor Claudia Sheinbaum, the figure backed by Andrés López Obrador. However, MORENA is not immune to the power disputes that are being waged today especially in the definition of the candidacies for 9 governorships.

There were regional elections in Colombia with results that, in principle, would seem to be unfavorable for a government that has a 60% rejection rate. Petro’s candidate in Bogota came in a distant third place. However, analyzing these elections as a plebiscite of his administration as president does not consider the impact of the local and territorial agenda.  

The party of the elected president of Guatemala, Bernardo Arévalo, was suspended as of November, after an endless series of back and forth between the Attorney General’s Office, the criminal justice system and the Electoral Tribunal. The events tinged with uncertainty the elections and the presidential transition that will be concluded next January.   

Violence and organized crime rates are worsening throughout the region and significantly complicate the agenda of the new presidents in Paraguay and Ecuador. What are the political risks for South America? 

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