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Directorio Legislativo works to strengthen Latin American democracies by promoting institutional accountability and access to public information in order to foster open, responsible governance.


We strengthen democracy by ensuring that institutions and the design of public policies are transparent, accountable, effective, accessible and inclusive.


DL-led initiative that compiles, cross-checks and makes available information on PEPs, beneficial ownership, public procurement and extractive sector licenses to tackle corruption at the global scale.

A program that seeks to strengthen the integrity of the governance of the Province of Buenos Aires by widening and improving civil society participation in the construction of democratic, inclusive and sustainable public policies.

Through this platform you can search, download and compare the wealth disclosures of Argentine civil servants.


Directory of Legislators

Who are our lawmakers and how do they represent us?
A tool from Directorio Legislativo with information on who makes up Latin America’s legislatures and how they work.

Latin American Network For Legislative Transparency

An initiative promoting linkages, communication and joint working among CSOs dedicated to the opening up of the region’s congresses, seeking to raise the standards of transparency, access to information, citizen participation and accountability in the legislative branches.

A consortium of international organizations that provides technical support and assistance to legislatures pursuing Open Parliament principles and policies.


An initiative that seeks to promote sustainable development in the Argentinian Northeastern and North Patagonia regions.
It contributes to strengthening an inclusive governance of natural resources belonging to communities affected by extractive industries.

Extractive Industries Transparency Portal. An Initiative to promote responsible management of oil, gas and mineral resources.

Breast cancer is the leading cause of death of women from tumors in Argentina. Many of these deaths could be avoided with appropriate public policies. Breast cancer is also a gender issue. Find out about our campaign.

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We provide a Regulatory Information Service in Latin America and the Caribbean consisting of analyzing bills and mapping regional trends and stakeholders. We use different variables to anticipate future changes and key decisions for a given sector. We also use innovative tools to measure their degree of impact on business, civil society and/or the state/public sector.

Based on real-time monitoring of Governments and Legislative branches, international organizations and other relevant actors in Latin America and the Caribbean, we produce regular updated analyses of public policy throughout the region.

We develop stakeholder, scenario and conflict mapping, and undertake comparative analysis of regulatory trends and legislation.
We also offer presentations, training and technical assistance in regulatory, political and legislative processes to various sectors: private, public, academia, chambers of commerce, civil society organizations, among others.

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