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  • Intriguing trio: public perceptions of Milei, Lula, and Petro

    14 May, 2024

    In this edition of Image of Power we take a look at an intriguing trio, made up of Javier Milei (Argentina), Lula da Silva (Brazil) and Gustavo Petro (Colombia), to see what happens with citizen support in the ⇢

  • What was the beginning of the year like for the presidents of the region?

    5 April, 2024

    Welcome to a new edition of “Image of Power”, the Legislative Directory’s monitor of presidential approval in Latin America.  2023 ended with presidential replacements, such as Daniel Noboa in Ecuador and Javier Milei in ⇢

  • Moment of truth: presidential approval ratings in Latin America

    1 February, 2024

    In politics, as in poker, cards and strategy make winners and losers. However, there are no jokers there.  In this issue we analyze how citizen support evolves according to the “cards” that each president has: the percentage of ⇢

  • 2023: a negative balance for the civic space of the region

    22 January, 2024

    In the new edition of Civic Space Guardian we take stock of 2023, which ended with a negative balance for the civic space in the region that was affected by the growth of the punitive power of the State and the rise of restrictive policies ⇢

  • Durations of presidential transition in Latin America, country by country

    19 January, 2024

    On January 14, Bernardo Arévalo assumed the presidency of Guatemala a full five months after his electoral win in August last year. The near half-year handover period which saw him replace incumbent Alejandro Giammattei gave the opposition ample ⇢

  • A new edition of “Image of Power”, our monitor of presidential approval in Latam

    11 December, 2023

    In this new edition of our report ¨Image of Power¨ we continue analyzing the situation of the region’s presidents on September and October. At first, Mexico is preparing for the 2024 presidential elections and all projections favor Claudia ⇢

  • López Obrador, the only president in the region with more than 60% approval rating

    21 September, 2023

    The following is the new edition of “Image of Power”—the presidential approval monitor of Latin America created by Directorio Legislativo.  In our new ranking, Andrés Manuel López Obrador and Lula Da Silva are the only two presidents ⇢

  • A new and refresh edition of Image of Power in Latin America

    2 June, 2023

    With a refresh and interactive design, we present the data from the March-April 2023 edition of Imagen del Poder. Presidential approval levels have remained relatively stable since the beginning of the year. However, their pattern of change over the ⇢

  • Presidential approval data in Latin America, according to a new edition of the “Image of Power” report

    27 April, 2023

    In this new issue of Image of Power, we present the presidential approval data for the first two months of the year, and analyze some of the most outstanding processes.   Andrés López Obrador and Luis Abinader lead the approval ranking ⇢

  • Latam Presidential Ranking: What are the takeaways from 2022?

    3 February, 2023

    In this latest edition of “Image of Power”, which covers the final two months of2022, we review some of the key developments in the region over the past year. From the impeachment of Pedro Castillo and the subsequent violence and turmoil ⇢

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