Who we are

We are an independent non-profit organization working for over 15 years to strengthen democracies in Latin America. We believe legislatures should be representative, engaging and responsive to the needs of citizens.
We consolidate the region’s institutions through dialogue between different actors: public, private, academic and civil society.
We work to promote transparency and access to public information to pursue stronger congresses, legislatures and/or parliaments.


María Baron

Global Executive Director

Maria is a journalist and holds a Master’s degree in International Relations from the Universitá Degli Studi di Bologna. She is the founder of Directorio Legislativo, co-chair of the Open Government Alliance, Secretary to the Board of Directors of CEDA Washington, member of the Civil Society Advisory Committee of the United Nations Development Program, and a member of the Board of Directors of the Argentine Network for International Cooperation. She is also a fellow of the American Political Science Association and a Reagan-Fascell Democracy Fellow of the National Endowment for Democracy. In addition, she is a PhD candidate in Political Science at the Universidad Nacional General San Martín, Argentina.

Noel Alonso Murray

Executive Director

Noel has a degree in Political Science from Universidad Católica Argentina and a Master’s degree in Public Policy from FIIAPP in Spain. She jointy founded Directorio Legislativo, where she has been working for 15 years. She has directed numerous programs to promote government transparency and anti-corruption, both in Argentina and across Latin America. She has also led studies on legislative transparency and regulatory trends in the region.


Dayanni Olivo

Director of Management and Resources

Leandro Dominguez

Director of Latin America Policy Analysis

Pablo García Baccino

Director of Latin America Policy Analysis

Juan Francisco Krahl

Coordinator of Citizens and Government Institutions

Felicitas Torrecilla

Research Coordinator

Lucas Mercado

Coordinator of Latin America Policy Analysis - South America Section


Rocío Azas

Coordinator of Latin America Policy Analysis - Andean and Caribbean Section

Melanie Graziano

Coordinator of Latin America Policy Analysis - México and Central America Section

Consuelo Aranciaga

Director of Communications and Institutional Relations


Leif Moestue

Business Development Consultant


Gastón Pérez Alfano

Research Officer

Emilio Armendariz

Research Officer

Juan Manuel Toubes

Citizens and Government Institutions Officer

Agustina Leiva

Citizens and Government Institutions Officer

Morena Bao

Citizens and Government Institutions Officer


Leonardo Blanco Bruni

Citizens and Government Institutions Assistant

Iván Vallejos

Policy Analyst

Agustina Prieto

Policy Analyst - South America Section


Lucrecia Ruiz

Policy Analyst - South America Section

Julieta Pulpeiro

Policy Analyst - South America Section

Milena Cucci

Policy Analyst - South America Section


Elina Olivera

Policy Analyst - South America Section

Mauro Coppolillo Portela

Policy Analyst - México and Central America Section

Ximena Salgado

Policy Analyst - México and Central America Section


Florencia Tognelli

Policy Analyst - México and Central America Section

Ana Laura Banega

Policy Analyst - Andean Section

María Emilia Proaño

Policy Analyst - Andean Section


Zoë Salame

Policy Analyst - Andean Section

Agustina D'Apice

Policy Analyst - Andean Section

Rocío Zalla

Data Analyst


Martín Ferreiro

Data Analyst

Agueda Haidbauer

Communications Analyst

Gabriel Luján



Marisa Di Vitto

External Auditor


Mónica Pachon Buitrago

Professor and researcher in institutional design and presidentialism in Colombia.

Carlos March

Director of Strategic Communications at Fundación Avina.

Cristiano Ferri Faria

Director of the Hacker Laboratory of the Chamber of Deputies of Brazil.

Zulma Ortiz

Deputy Executive Director of the Institute of Epidemiological Research of the National Academy of Medicine of Argentina.

Jorge Abraham Soto Moreno

Co-founder and CTO of Miroculus.

Joel Salas Suarez

Commissioner of the National Institute of Transparency, Access to Information and Protection of Personal Data


Under the premise that democracies need their citizens to be informed and active around politics and government, we have developed a social enterprise activity which consists of providing policy and regulatory analysis, information and training services. Currently, this activity spans 21 Latin American countries.

The benefits of this include more independence and leeway for us in delivering our democracy strengthening mission and ensuring public institutions and processes become more effective, transparent, accountable, accessible and inclusive. No single donor entity, industry or sector can account for more than 30% of our total funding – to prevent any outsized influence on our institutional decision making or financial stability.


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