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Latin america

  • IAPA warns press freedom in a state of emergency

    4 November, 2021

    Within the framework of its 77th General Assembly, held between October 19 and 22, the Inter American Press Association presented a report on the state of press freedom in the region. In the Chapultepec Index 2021, Nicaragua, Venezuela and ⇢

  • Bolsonaro falls in the polls and is already at an all-time low

    17 September, 2021

    Directorio Legislativo presents the latest ranking of Presidents by approval ratings based on surveys of public opinion and perceptions of government management and health across 18 countries in Latin America. Buenos Aires, ⇢

  • Latin American governments gave legal and tax benefits to pharmaceutical companies in vaccine purchases

    9 March, 2021

    One year after the first cases of coronavirus were identified in Latin America, an analysis into the legal measures published by governments finds that 13 Latin American countries changed their laws in order to purchase the Covid-19 vaccine between ⇢

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