Post-election Report: General elections in Panama

With 98% of the country’s ballot points counted, opposition candidate José Raúl Mulino (Realizando Metas – RM) secures the Presidency of Panama, clinching victory with 34.29% of all valid votes, surpassing seven other contenders. However, despite his win, preliminary projections for the legislature indicate that his party and its allies may fall short of a majority in the National Assembly, necessitating broad parliamentary agreements to advance his government’s agenda.

The election results reveal a deeply divided Assembly, with no single political force commanding a majority, leading to an unprecedented scenario where the largest minority bloc will be led by independents. Moreover, the extent of former president Ricardo Martinelli’s influence on the new government, led by RM’s Mulino, remains a pivotal factor in forging consensus. Following the victory, a key uncertainty arises regarding the selection of the vice-president for the new administration. Both the incoming president and the next Assembly are slated to assume office on July 1st.

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