Image of Power: January – February 2024

Welcome to a new edition of “Image of Power”, the Legislative Directory’s monitor of presidential approval in Latin America.

At the end of the first two months of the year, the five presidents leading the approval metrics are Nayib Bukele – who just won the elections with 84.6% of the votes – Daniel Noboa with 82%, Luis Abinader with 66%, AMLO with 65% and Rodrigo Chaves with 59%. Lula da Silva and Javier Milei are halfway with 51% and 50%, respectively. Gustavo Petro rebounded after a year and a half of sustained decline, while Luis Lacalle Pou faces the last year of his mandate with 42% support.  

Javier Milei and Daniel Noboa completed their first 100 days in office. The former has managed to sustain the level of support with which he started his government despite the rigors of the economic policy and the stumbling of his two flagships in Congress, where La Libertad Avanza is in minority. The decidedly electioneering tone of the presidential discourse and the speed of his first measures have perplexed the opponents who have not yet managed to readjust themselves in this disruptive scenario. 

Noboa surpassed 80 points of approval after having taken an unprecedented decision, the declaration of the internal armed conflict in the face of the unusual security crisis that occurred in January. However, it is still too early to anticipate whether the government will be able to sustain this social support over time, and even more so if it advances in less popular measures. 

Is it the hand of the ruling party’s candidates, after two years of electoral failures, as some recent analyses suggest?

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