• Morena sweeps the election, and Sheinbaum is set to become Mexico’s first female president

    4 June, 2024

    With 84.35% of the votes counted, Claudia Sheinbaum, the candidate of the ruling coalition Seguimos Haciendo Historia (SHH, in Spanish), has been elected the next president of Mexico for the 2024-2030 term, currently securing 58.91% of the ⇢

  • Sheinbaum leads Mexico’s electoral race to become its first female president

    29 May, 2024

    On June 2, Mexico will hold its largest elections in history, with nearly 20,000 positions up for grabs. These elections will not only determine the next President but also renew the entire Congress, 9 governorships, and 30 local congresses. ⇢

  • MORENA aiming to deepen its legislative and territorial power to promote “Fourth Transformation”

    3 June, 2021

    On June 6, national legislative elections will be held to renew the entire Chamber of Deputies. Also, at the subnational level, 15 executive and 30 legislative seats will be voted for. Amid questions over the handling of the health crisis ⇢

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