• Parliamentary monitoring in tough times: Lessons learned for building networks and achieving results

    9 May, 2024

    A healthy democracy depends on a healthy parliament, capable of articulating citizens’ concerns, enacting laws for the common good and holding the executive branch to account for their implementation. For this to happen, effective citizen ⇢

  • New tool to enhance the work of Parliaments

    23 November, 2023

    In collaboration with allied organizations and under the leadership of the Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU), Directorio Legislativo presented today the ‘Indicators for Democratic Parliaments’. This initiative aims at assessing the performance and ⇢

  • Presidential approval data in Latin America, according to a new edition of the “Image of Power” report

    25 July, 2023

    In this new edition of our report ¨Image of Power¨ we continue analyzing the situation of the region’s presidents. What challenges do they face and what are the electoral scenarios?  Andrés Lopez Obrador (Mexico) once again leads the ⇢

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