El Salvador

  • After a landslide victory, Bukele wins reelection

    6 February, 2024

    With 70.25% of the votes counted, President Nayib Bukele (Nuevas Ideas) comfortably won reelection in the first round of the presidential elections, obtaining 83.14%. Thus, Bukele, who is under license to compete in these elections, renewed his ⇢

  • Bukele leads electoral race and would be reelected president in Sunday’s election

    1 February, 2024

    This February 4, Salvadorans will head to the polls to elect the President for the 2024-2029 term. Although 6 candidates are running, opinion polls predict that the incumbent President, Nayib Bukele (Nuevas Ideas), will be reelected by a ⇢

  • The second round of the CSO Bill in El Salvador, will it be the last one? 

    21 July, 2023

    The reform of the Law of Non-Profit Associations and Foundations is once again on the agenda of the legislative bench of Nuevas Ideas. Now it is a new bill that intends to intervene in the transfer of donations or public funds to non-governmental ⇢

  • How Nayib Bukele is becoming “the world’s coolest dictator”

    7 October, 2021

    Since assuming the presidency on June 1, 2019, Nayib Bukele has tightened his grip on power at the expense of eroding democracy and rule of law. At the beginning of this year, the ruling party secured a majority in the Legislative Assembly allowing ⇢

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