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  • Gustavo Petro is the new president of Colombia

    20 June, 2022

    On June 19, the run-off of the presidential elections in Colombia took place. With 100% of the votes counted, the leftist coalition Pacto Histórico, led by Gustavo Petro, was the winner with around 11.2 million votes, obtaining ⇢

  • Petro or Hernandez? Colombia to pick its President this Sunday

    16 June, 2022

    Colombians voting for their next president on June 19 must pick from left-winger Gustavo Petro (Pacto Histórico) or the anti-establishment figure of Rodolfo Hernández (Liga de Gobernantes Anticorrupción). Polls put the candidates neck and neck, ⇢

  • Colombia to elect new president, with leftist leading in polls

    27 May, 2022

    This Sunday will see elections held in Colombia to choose the country’s next president, in office until 2026. With an average support in polls of 39.4%, the leftist candidate Gustavo Petro, of the Pacto Histórico coalition, leads ⇢

  • Pacto Histórico makes inroads in Congress and is well-placed for the presidential elections

    14 March, 2022

    On Sunday March 13, legislative elections were held in Colombia to renew all 296 members of Congress in the Senate (108) and the House of Representatives (188).  Partido Conservador (allied to the ruling party) and Partido Liberal (independent) ⇢

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