• Lula clinches third presidency after tightest runoff in years

    31 October, 2022

    This Sunday, October 30, Brazilians picked Luiz Inácio ‘Lula’ da Silva as their next president in what was the closest fought second-round election in years, with only 1.80% separating the country’s two-time head of state from ⇢

  • Lula and Bolsonaro to compete for the presidency in a runoff election

    3 October, 2022

    On October 2, Brazilians went to the polls to elect their next president. With 99.99% of the votes counted, the favorites were Lula da Silva with 48.43% of the votes for the Brazil of Hope federation (Workers’ Party, Communist ⇢

  • Brazil to pick new president, with Lula a potential first-round winner

    29 September, 2022

    This Sunday, October 2, Brazilians go to the polls to elect the president and vice-president of the Republic, the entire Chamber of Deputies (513), and one third of the Senate (27). Although 11 candidates are vying for the presidency, current ⇢

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